When the dryer goes!!

Its seems to amaze me that when something as little as your dryer breaking your entire routine is thrown off. I've been without a dry for over 2 weeks now and because we are in the middle of Winter, air drying outside is not an option. 

Now let's be real here, I could very well take the clothes to a laundry mat or service but who has time for that? I rather go through ever last pair of underwear and pull out the next size of clothes for the kids before doing that. With 4 kids one of them being a newborn who has a habit of blowing through a few outfits a day, I can honestly say, I'm about to go shopping if the deliver doesn't happen today. 

Its times like this that I'm thankful and fortune that I do have a washer and dry in my house. I think sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are to have the minor things at our finger tips. Where with other having a washer and dryer wouldn't be so minor it would be huge.

Just because things don't go your way, or your everyday is slightly broken, let's not forget about how your minor thing is someone else huge thing. 

Love always XOXO


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