The Power of counting to ten

The power of counting to ten is truly a great method for everyone, both small and old. I've been practicing the art of patience through the process of counting to ten for many years now. When I need a moment to think before I react, I'll count to ten. When I'm about to flip out after telling my kids the same thing over and over, I'll count to ten. When I'm about the send an email, say something I might regret I'll count to ten. 

There's something that happens in that time-frame of counting to ten while taking deep breaths that really helps you thinking the process through before you act. I have to say I've walked away from many moments where I'm about to burst, or start a yelling match. (we've all been there) for a few moments of my ten count some deep breathing to settle my nerves. This process has helped me tremendously with my overall life stress and life craziness. 

Today I tried it out on my kids to see what would happen. My 6 and 4 year old where having an argument about a puzzle, Yes... a Puzzle. Where I don't typically get involved until the tears, which of course did happen. I simply asked them to hold hands and count to ten with each other. In that time-frame, they both stopped crying and started laughing because the simple counting together was a fun task. It also gave themselves a chance to calm down, relax and take a few deep breaths to think through why they were so upset. 

It's funny because they both ended up wanted the same thing out of playing with the puzzle, but they were too busy being upset to realize it. 

The simple act of breathing, counting and (in this case holding hands) made the whole situations much better. Give it a try the next time you need a moment. 

Love Always XOXO 

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