Stress Free Mornings.... is it possible?

I’m a working mom with a beautiful loving family. I have 4 amazing children a loving husband with strong marriage, but something was missing, I was finding myself constantly stressed out, worried and most of all just not myself. Why was I feeling this way? I reflected and realized that I was missing out on what’s truly important to me, TIME. Time is the one thing I’ll never get back and didn’t want to miss out on being the mom I desired to be. 

I knew I needed a change and the only way to make a change was to be that change, but HOW? Researched showed that implementing small morning adjustment can makes a HUGE difference. Mornings are always the toughest for me. I’m tired, my kids are tired and but it was worth me making and adjustment to I don’t turn into Monster MOM.

 It all starts with your Morning Routine!! Yup that’s right you just need to make a small switch in the way you wake up.

I attached a copy of the morning routine that is helping me... Let me know what you think. 

Morning Routine 

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