Sitting in my Car


I'm sitting in my car, and I can't remember the drive into work, I can't remember getting here because I was so in depth with my everyday routine that I forgot what I did 10 minutes ago. Has this happened to you? Like pulling into Dunkin Donuts because you're use to doing it, or taking a right out of your driveway instead of a left when you need to change directions. 

It's simple because your auto pilot goes off and your body takes over from what your mind use to think about, Scary I know! You're so use to doing it that you don't need to think about it anymore. I'm inspired to think what would happen if I start to implement a different daily routine, would my body just take over and do it? Would it become easy, would it become natural to me?

When you need to make a change in your day to day routine, we sometime get so overwhelmed by what to do that we forget that once our minds convince our bodies to do something then it will become a Habit not a chore. 

What NEW habits are you going to make? better health, better mindset, better you?

Make a small change in your day over the next few weeks and see how it will become a nature think.

Love to hear from you!

Love always XOXO

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