Riding in my car

Please don't mind the spelling and grammar issues.. 

We all need a mental break sometime, especially those who are consistently putting others needs in front of their own. Does that sound familiar as a mom. As a mom we are always putting others needs in front of our own. Do you ever feel like you have to think for “not just yourself” but your kids, your husband and sometimes even your pets. It’s no wonder you don’t have time for yourself.

That's when I started turning off the radio and using my driving time to reflect on “ME.” Okay, it took me a while to turn off my brain to the stress of driving, like traffic and other noises, but once I started using that time for me, I didn’t mind the traffic as much. In fact I enjoyed it because it meant that I had a little more time to myself. I started reflecting on the good that was around me and concentrated on my affirmations. It’s amazing where your mind will go when you don’t have music, or screaming kids distracting you. I know mediation is important, but seriously I’ve tried and failed over and over again!! I just can’t seem to commit with my crazy life schedule. So I have to utilize the time that I do have, and that’s when I found driving in my car with the music off be the best part of my day. It’s not a 100% the same as you do need to concentrate on the road and be safe, but for me it works and I wanted to share.

Try it for a week. After dropping the kids off, don’t turn your radio on, listen to yourself and what you have to say. It might even surprise you how awesome you are.


Love Always XOXO


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