I stopped asking and started rewarding and this is what happened.

I stopped asking and started rewarding, and found that my kids actually listened! Kids love attention especially positive attention for their behavior. When one of my kids did something good I would recognizes it and rewarded them with a ticket. When they received 30 tickets they would get to choose a prize from the prize bucket. (I mostly got things from the dollar store). The more I would gave out tickets to reward, the more they started doing things on their own without me asking or telling. Win Win!! 

Yelling, screaming, or demanding just would make the both of us upset and frustrated. I hate that feeling. The feeling of uncontrollable anger that creeps up out of nowhere. That feeling of when you just start yelling and screaming, at something so silly. You just hit your max and explode.

As a mom of 4, I've faced many times when I needed to walk away before I turned in the monster I couldn't control. Once I started implementing Ticket Rewards I found I could accomplish soooo much more as the mom I want to be. 

Here is a version of what I do at home. Fill in what other things your kids do without you asking, like put on their shoes, brushed their teeth, when to bed, etc... Make it a big deal and you'll see how excite they are to receive positive feedback. 




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